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Scientific Board

Owner of the Journal

Dr. Taner BOZKUŞ (tanerbozkus(at)yahoo.com)
   The president of 
International Science Culture and Sport Association (ISCSA)

International Editorial Board

Editor in Chief

Dr. Mutlu TURKMEN, Assoc. Prof. (turkmenm(at)yahoo.com)
   Secretary General of 
International Science Culture and Sport Association (ISCSA)

Field Editors

Dr. Abdelmalik SERBOUT, Prof (serbout4(at)gmail.com)
   Dean of Sports Faculty, University of Dejelfa, ALGERIA

Dr. Adel M. ALNASHAR, Prof. (elnashar841(at)hotmail.com)
   Coordinator of Graduate Studies, 
University of Bahrain, BAHRAIN  

Dr. Ali AĞILÖNÜ (alichom(at)gmail.com)
   Faculty of Sports and Physical Education,  Mugla Sitki Kocman University, TURKEY  

Dr. Ali OZKAN (ali_ozkan1(at)hotmail.com)
   Physical Education and Sport College, 
Bartin University, TURKEY  

Dr. Alin LARION, Prof. (alinlarion(at)yahoo.com)
   Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, 
Ovidius University, Constanta, ROMANIA 

Dr. Amin AZIMKHANI (amin.azimkhani(at)hotmail.com)
   Faculty of Humanities, Imam Reza International University, IRAN

Dr. Angela MAGNANINI (angela.magnanini(at)uniroma4.it)
   Department of Sport, Health and Human Sciences, University “Foro Italico”, Rome, ITALY

Dr. Ayad OMAR (humaomar(at)yahoo.com)
   Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences,
 Al-Manar University, Tripoli, LIBYA  

Dr. Bachir KHELIFI, Prof (bachirkhelifi(at)yahoo.fr)
   Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, 
University of Mascara, ALGERIA

Dr. Balkozar ADAM (badam60(at)gmail.com)
   School of Medicine, 
University of Missouri, Columbia, USA

Dr. Cetin YAMAN, Assoc. Prof. (cetinyaman(at)yahoo.com)
   Physical Education and Sport College, 
Sakarya University, TURKEY

Dr. Dusan MITIC, Prof. (dusan.mitic(at)fsfv.bg.ac.rs)
   Faculty of Sports and Physical Education, 
Belgrade University, SERBIA

Dr. Fatih CATIKKAS, Assoc. Prof. (fatihcatikkas(at)gmail.com)
   Physical Education and Sport College, 
Bartin University, TURKEY

Dr. Ferman KONUKMAN (fkonukma(at)qu.edu.qa)
   Qatar University, Sport Science Program, QATAR

Dr. Goran SPORIS, Assoc. Prof. (goran.sporis(at)kif.hr)
   University of Zagreb, CROATIA

Dr. John A. JOHNSON (beowulf600(at)gmail.com)
   International Taekwondo Academy, Kyung Hee University, SOUTH KOREA

Dr. Hamid ARAZI, Assoc. Prof. (hamidarazi(at)ahoo.com)
   Faculty of Sport Sciences, 
University of Guilan, IRAN

Dr. Ibrahim SABATIN (sabateenibrahim2002(at)yahoo.com)
   Ministry of Education, Linguistic Department, PALESTINE

Dr. Jwo HANK, Prof. (t08006(at)ntnu.edu.tw)
   Department of Physical Education, 
National Taiwan Normal University, TAIWAN

Dr. Khadraoui Mohamed HABIB, Prof. (mhkhadhra(at)yahoo.fr)
Institute of Animation for Youth and Culture, Tunis University, TUNISIA

Dr. Mitra Rouhi DEHKORDI (mitrarouhi(at)gmail.com)
Physical Education of Nasibe Faculty, Farhanghian University, IRAN

Dr. Kalliope PAVLI (redionia(at)hotmail.com)
Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences, Athens, GREECE

Dr. Murat KUL (muratkul61(at)gmail.com)
   Physical Education and Sport College, 
Bartin University, TURKEY

Dr. Mustafa HİZMETLİ, Assoc. Prof. (mustafahizmetli(at)gmail.com)
   Faculty of Letters, 
Bartin University, TURKEY

Dr. Nadim ALWATTAR, Prof.  (nadhimyousif(at)yahoo.com)
   Physical Education and Sport College, University of Mosul, IRAQ

Dr. Ramezan Mahdavi AZADBONI (dr.azadboni(at)yahoo.com)
   Faculty of Theology Science, 
University of Mazandaran, IRAN

Dr. Safet KAPO, Prof. (kapo.safet(at)gmail.com)
   University of Sarajevo, BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA   

Md. Sirajul İslam MOLLA (sim(at)icddrb.org)
   Managing editor of 

Dr. S. O. BABATUNDE (bbtudolusola(at)yahoo.com)
   Faculty of Education, 
University of Lagos, NIGERIA

Dr. Vladimir PUZOVIC (puzovic.vladimir(at)gmail.com)
   Belgrade Sports Academy, SERBIA


International Advisory Board

Kurul Başkanı: Prof. Dr. Erdal ZORBA (erdalzorba(at)hotmail.com)
   President of Balkan & Turkish Sport for All Federation, TURKEY

Prof. Dr. Benkazdali Hadj MOHAMED (beghadj(at)yahoo.fr)
   Director of Physical Education and Sport College, Mostaganem University, ALGERIA

Prof. Dr. Baojun ZHANG (doicae(at)qq.com)
   Director of Dep of Int Cooperation and Exchanges, Beijing Language and Culture University, CHINA

Prof. Dr. İ. Hakkı MİRİCİ (ismailm(at)tr.net)
   Former President and Board Member of World Council for Curriculum and Instruction, TURKEY

Prof. Dr. Daniela DASHEVA (dahsheva(at)nsa.bg)
   National Sports Academy, 
Vassil Levski, Sofia, BULGARIA

Prof. Dr. Dana BADAU (danab3377(at)yahoo.com)
   President of National Sport for All Federation, ROMANIA

Prof. Dr. Ju-Ho CHANG (changjuhd(at)hotmail.com)
   President of International Sport for All Federation (TAFISA), S. KOREA 

Prof. Dr. Hayati BESIRLI (hayatibesirli(at)gmail.com)
   Head of Sociology Department, Manas University, Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN

Prof. Dr. Mehmet GUNAY (mgunay(at)gazi.edu.tr)
   Physical Education and Sport School, Gazi University, Ankara, TURKEY

Prof. Dr. Mona Saleh Al ANSARI (alansarim(at)edu.uob.bh)
   Dean of Physical Education and Physiotherapy College, University of Bahrain, BAHRAIN

Prof. Dr. Musa YILDIZ (musayildiz(at)hotmail.com)
   Chairman of Board of Trustees, Ahmet Yesevi University, Turkistan, KAZAKHSTAN

Prof. Dr. Peter KAPUSTIN (peter.kapustin(at)uni-seeburg.at)   
   Vice Rector, Privatuniversitat Schloss Seeburg, AUSTRIA

Prof. Dr. Robert SCHNEIDER (rschneid(at)brockport.edu)
  The College at Brockport University of New York, USA

Prof. Dr. Yasuo YAMAGUCI (yasuoyama(at)nifty.com)
   President of National Sport for All Federation, JAPAN

Prof. Dr. Ifet MAHMUTOVIC (ifetmahmutovic(at)gmail.com)
   University of Sarajevo, BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA


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    Dear authors,

    We will no longer accept articles from various fields of social sciences, but only topics related to different disciplines of sport sciences. Please be sure that you formatted your propasals according to the author guidelines of the journal. Submitting your articles to our journal will definitely mean that your articles haven't been published or sent elsewhere for publication. 

    Our journal solely functions on open access policy, and we would definitely be happy to see that authors are exploring and using articles printed in our journal. 

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