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International Journal of Science Culture and Sport (IntJSCS) is published quarterly (March, June, September, December) by the International Science Culture and Sport Association (ISCSA) which was established in Turkey, Ankara in 2010.

The basic aim of the journal is to carry out researches on different disciplines of sport studies. Through the production of scientific researches, IntJSCS hopes to contribute to the internationalization process of ISCSA and turn it out to be a strong international scientific-oriented network. Therefore the journal accepts researches in English language from all over the world.

Since the beginning of 2016, IntJSCS is only accepting sport related articles. For social sciences, and educational studies we suggest you refer to our two other journals; www.intjcss.com ; www.intjces.com  Through a strong cooperation and wide international network, we believe that IntJSCS will be an important agent for ISCSA in the near future.    

IntJSCS is an open access and peer-reviewed journal which is solely concentrated on Sport Studies. In order to reach the widest international audience, IntJSCS publishes all the full-texts through its website and through Dergipark journal platform; http://dergipark.gov.tr/intjscs , where detailed statistics are available for each issue and every single article.     

Main principals of IntJSCS should be listed as; 

  1. Internationalization: IntJSCS tries to create a real international publication with authors, reviewers, and advisors from various countries. Besides, it tries to be selective for any kinds of publications which would attract the interest of international readers as well. 
  2. Blind peer-review: All manuscripts submitted to IntJSCS undergo double-blind peer-review. After the submission of the articles, the editor decides for the content suitability and forwards it to separate reviewers. The reviewers evaluate the article through the online form and can accept, reject, or ask for revision. If one reviewer accepts and the other rejects, then a third one will have to evaluate for the final decision for the publication. The editor is also free to reject an article which is rejected by one of the reviewers with strong argumentations.  
  3. Open Access: Open Access makes knowledge available to all readers free of charge, therefore enables high visibility for researchers and high citation rates for the authors. Therefore this policy is expected to enable the visibility and popularity of the journal and its contributors.  



Creative Commons License
International Journal of Science Culture and Sport by ISCSA is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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    Call for papers

    Dear authors,

    We only accept topics related to different disciplines of sport sciences since the first issue of our fifth volume. Therefore, please do not submit any kinds of research which is not directly connected to the sports field. Also be sure that you formatted your proposals according to the author guidelines of the journal. Submitting your articles to our journal will definitely mean that your articles haven't been published or sent elsewhere for publication. 

    Our journal solely functions on open access policy and we would definitely be happy to see that authors are exploring and using articles printed in our journal. 

Address :ISCSA Office: Menekse Sok. No:7/71 Balkanoglu Is Hani Kizilay, Cankaya, Ankara, TURKEY
Telephone :03123190289 Fax :03123190289
Email :editor@iscsjournal.com - turkmenm@yahoo.com

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